Important Numbers

Below is a list of important contact numbers for various organizations at the state and national levels. If you have any questions about your policy or would like to hear more about how hbia can help you protect the things that matter most, please contact us today!

Allied 1-800-282-1446
A. M. Best Company 908-439-2200
American Academy of Actuaries 202-223-8196
American Association of Insurance Services 630-595-3225
American Council of Life Insurance 202-624-2000
American Institute for CPCU's 610-644-2100
American Insurance Association 202-828-7100
American Insurance Services Group 212-669-0400
Arbitration Forums, Inc. 813-931-4004
Coalition Against Insurance Fraud 202-393-7330
Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters Society 610-251-2728
Federal Insurance Administration 202-646-2771
Georgia Automobile Insurance Plan 205-967-2001
Georgia Insurance Information Service (GIIS) 770-565-3806
America's Health Insurance Plans 202-778-3200
Highway Loss Data Institute 703-247-1600
Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc. 703-683-4422
Insurance Committee for Arson Control 317-876-6226
Insurance Information Institute 212-346-5500
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 703-247-1500
Institute for Business and Home Safety 813-286-3400
Insurance Institute of America, Inc. 610-644-2100
Insurance Research Council 630-644-2212
Insurance Services Office, Inc. 212-898-6000
Life Office Management Association (LOMA) 770-951-1770
Moody's Investors Service 212-553-1658
Motor Vehicle Manufacturer's Association, SE Office 850-906-9404
National Association of Health Underwriters 202-223-5533
Property & Casualty Insurance
Association of America (PCI)
National Association of Insurance Commissioners 816-842-3600
National Association of Insurance Women 918-744-5195
National Association of Life Underwriters 202-331-6000
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies 317-875-5250
National Fire Protection Association 617-770-3000
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 202-366-9550
National Independent Statistical Service 317-876-6200
National Insurance Crime Bureau 708-430-2430
National Safety Council 630-285-1121
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. 212-286-9292
Roadway Safety Foundation 202-857-1200
Standard & Poor's Rating Group 212-208-1527
Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. 847-272-8800
Georgia Department of Insurance (DOI) 404-656-2056
DOI Agent Licensing 404-656-2101
DOI Consumer Services 404-656-2070
DOI Enforcement 404-656-2060

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