Commercial Property Insurance Explained

Company owners who do business in Athens or Commerce, GA are not required by law to obtain commercial property insurance. However, they may be required to do so by their lender. Even when this is not the case, most business owners make a choice to purchase this coverage because of all the protection that it provides. You can also insure property that you are leasing and that is owned by somebody else and insure any number of buildings and finished additions that are part of the enterprise under which you conduct your business.

What is Included?

Your commercial property insurance policy will provide coverage for your machinery, tools, fixtures, and any other equipment you are using to conduct business. It is vital that your insurance provider is informed of the implements inside your building and that you also communicate the value of these possessions. A well-documented inventory is a key to receiving an accurate payout if you need to file a claim.

Explanation of Coverage

Coverage is provided against what are called specified perils and open perils. A specified peril is one that is mentioned by name, and these can include things, such as fire, vandalism, and damage by windstorms, and you can add specific things to your policy that you want to be covered. You can also be protected by open perils coverage, and this will include anything that has not been expressly excluded, for example, flooding and movement of the earth.

Hyman Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. is a Provider of Commercial Property Insurance

You can have your commercial property insurance needs met when you speak to the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. The agency has experience serving the residents of Commerce, GA, and you can call or stop by the office to get a commercial property insurance quote today!