What Kind of Perils Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

Homeowners’ insurance will not cover every possible contingency, as there is usually a list of covered perils and those which are not included. It’s essential to purchase additional indemnifications or endorsements if you live in a region in Commerce, GA that is at high risk for specific hazards. Your Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. representative can advise you in this area. 


Earthquakes fall under a category known as "movement of the earth," which falls outside the scope of your primary insurance. Aftershocks and tremors that occur before the larger quake can weaken the structural integrity of your home and destroy your possessions inside your domicile. 


Floods are defined as water that has touched the ground before entering your abode, and this will typically come from heavy rain, overflowing gulleys or creeks, rivers, and wet weather streams. These can sometimes also cause events that segue into the movement of the earth category, such as mudslides and sinkholes. 


Several pests can wreak havoc on your home, including insects and animals. Your coverage will not pay for the removal of these, as this falls under the responsibility of the homeowner as general maintenance to prevent wear and tear. 


Rotting wood is typically caused by water damage that insurance companies determine to be gradual. The policyholder must make these repairs, as it will generally necessitate addressing underlying issues with the home to prevent future occurrences. 

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