How Comprehensive Is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: A Layer of Extra Protection

Purchasing a vehicle marks a significant investment, an essential asset for work and family commuting. The right insurance can guard against hefty repair costs following an accident. But vehicle damage extends beyond just road mishaps. It is here that comprehensive auto insurance steps in. Let Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA, address all your queries about comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Understanding Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

A basic auto insurance policy features collision coverage and various types of liability coverage. Comprehensive insurance caters to the less common hazards that can still cause considerable vehicle damage and incur high repair costs. It is often selected by new-vehicle owners still settling their payments or possessing high-end vehicles known for expensive repair costs. In such cases, comprehensive coverage is an effective tool for reducing personal expenditure on repairs.

The Scope of Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for fire, theft, vandalism, animal damage, natural disasters, glass damage, and civil disobedience. However, it excludes the aspects covered by liability or collision coverage. It doesn’t cover deep-pothole damages or rental vehicle costs during your vehicle’s repair period.

While the premium rates for comprehensive auto insurance are higher than basic policies, the financial safeguard it provides makes it a worthwhile consideration. Comprehensive auto insurance shields vehicle owners who prefer not to bear the full damage repair costs independently.

As auto insurance can be complex, our Commerce, GA agents can provide detailed insights into the various coverage levels. Contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. for a no-obligation auto insurance quote to protect yourself from expensive losses when mishaps occur.