Umbrella policy options for Georgia business owners

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Benefits of umbrella insurance

Several great benefits come with having an umbrella policy in place to protect your business. The main ones are, of course, liability protection and keeping your business in a place where it can recover from a significant, negative incident. We hear too many stories about great, successful businesses ceasing operations because of losses due to events out of their control.

These stories become even more heartbreaking when we learn that the closures could have been avoided with the right insurance. Fortunately, getting the right insurance in place can be done efficiently, protecting your business from future losses.

Umbrella policies are a great supplement to your primary policies. They come into play if your primary protection is ever depleted. Because commercial policies can be exhausted, it is crucial to have additional coverage above and beyond them that will fill in.

If you want to make sure that your company can successfully navigate the future, it’s time to take a look at umbrella insurance no matter what may happen. 

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Common Commercial Insurance Exclusions

We would all like our insurance plans to cover us against all the possible risks, but this is not always the case. All insurance policies have limitations and exclusions that you need to understand to avoid surprises when filing a claim. At Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA, we are here to help you understand the ins and outs of your commercial insurance coverage. Today, we cover the common exclusions for your commercial insurance.


Any damage by floods isn’t covered by your typical business insurance. However, you can purchase stand-alone insurance from the NFIP or private carriers if you live in a flood-risk zone.

Earth movement

Your conventional commercial insurance plan doesn’t cover earthquakes and sinkholes. However, you can purchase "riders" or "add-ons" to cover your business against such risks.

Machine breakdown

Machines are bound to break at some point in time. Insurance companies don’t view this as a risk since it will happen anyway. That said, your typical commercial insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear and typical machine breakdowns.

Personal vehicle used for commercial use

Have you converted your vehicle for commercial purposes? No problem. All you need to do is convert your standard auto insurance into commercial auto insurance. Otherwise, your claims are likely to be dishonored.

Intentional damage or criminal acts

If you intentionally cause property damage or self-injury, your insurer will void any claim you try to make. Similarly, any damage or losses resulting from criminal acts, including fraud, will be voided by your insurer.

Government actions

Typical business insurance doesn’t cover losses and damages arising from government actions like nuclear hazards and military actions.

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Does renters insurance include loss of use?

Renters insurance provides valuable living coverage for your home and property against damage that can occur from various unexpected events. Protecting your belongings is incredibly important and should be a part of everyone’s basic financial plan, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why our agents at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. understand that no matter what size apartment or house you own or rent, you deserve the protection of renters’ insurance.

It is vital to protect your personal property with a comprehensive insurance coverage plan. Whether you are a student living in an apartment or a homeowner that rents out their basement in Commerce, GA, renters insurance is essential.

What is covered under renters insurance?

Renters insurance provides financial protection from specific losses to personal possessions and additional living expenses resulting from damage to the rental property caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, or similar causes, vandalism, and theft.

Whether you live in a house or a condominium, renters insurance is an affordable and comprehensive way to protect your most valuable assets. Your belongings are protected against theft and covered if they’re damaged. Plus, renters insurance covers losses that aren’t physical-like liability protection or the cost of hiring a lawyer to get your things back.

Renters insurance provides coverage for having your home destroyed by fire and other covered hazards. Your policy may also cover you if someone is injured in your home, stolen property, or if a hurricane and other named storm damage your belongings. You’ll also receive protection for living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

Does renters insurance include loss of use?

In Commerce GA, a basic homeowners policy generally provides coverage if your home is damaged and uninhabitable. The insurance limit is the less rebuilding cost or market value. A basic policy covers personal property kept in or around the home, up to certain limits. A basic policy does NOT include loss of use/rental value and living expenses insurance. That would be a separate extension of coverage, also referred to as an endorsement.

For more information about what renters insurance does and does not cover and for advice about additional coverage for your belongings, call an agent at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA today!

Expanding Your Commercial Insurance to Include Your Delivery Vehicles

In Commerce, GA, many businesses use vehicles to deliver goods, food, and more to their customers. Do these vehicles need to be covered by your commercial insurance property? Let us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. explain this concept to you.

Employee Vehicles: Must These Be Covered?

Do your employees ever do deliveries using their vehicles? For instance, do you run a restaurant that offers deliveries, and your employees mostly ride in their cars? If so, do you need to cover their vehicles? Not at all. Their personal auto policies should help to pay for repairs. 

Even if they’re using their vehicles for commercial purposes, their policy will typically pay for any damage caused by accident. The only time you’d have to pay for this policy is if you owned the vehicles yourself, i.e., if you used a car you owned for a delivery.

Company Vehicles? Are They Covered?

Do you own any vehicles used strictly by your business for delivery? Then, you might want to get them covered in your commercial insurance policy. Most companies should have coverage options that help pay for your vehicle’s repairs and damage if used for business purposes.

That’s why so many companies end up buying fleets of vehicles for their employees to use. Though it may be expensive at first, it helps cut back on insurance costs and minimize lawsuit risks. After all, the company may get sued if its driver takes a personal vehicle without coverage.

Finding Great Insurance

If your business owns multiple delivery vehicles and you want to ensure they are fully covered, don’t hesitate to contact us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. to learn more. We can help Commerce, GA residents and business owners protect their vehicles and minimize confusion.

5 Reasons You Should Update Your Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner, you already know the importance of having commercial insurance as your safety net. It protects you from losses in case of an unthinkable event. Regardless of the industry, you are trading in, business insurance is a must-have investment. 

But if you have commercial insurance in place, it’s your responsibility to review the policies regularly to make sure you are well covered. With time, business structures change and require additional coverage to make the policy-relevant. That said, there are several reasons why you should upgrade or review your commercial insurance. At Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc, we have prepared some of those instances. Read on for insights.

If you change your operating office

When you move to a new office space or location, update your insurer. Otherwise, you risk not protecting your new building and your equipment.

If you change your employees

Workers’ compensation coverage is calculated per head. If you hire more or downsize, you need to update your insurance to have the right coverage.

If you expand your portfolio

The importance of insuring products comes without saying. Any defect in your product could attract expensive lawsuits. To that end, if your business introduces a new product, it should be included in the insurance policy.

If you change the nature of your business

We understand the times we live in, uncertain economic times that may require one to change the business to adapt to the changing markets. That said, if you change the nature of your business, make sure to update your business to reflect your new business. 

If you adjust your company’s vehicle fleet

Business vehicles should be properly insured in case of an accident when on a business errand. If you expand your fleet, make sure you inform your insurer to stay adequately protected.

Commercial insurance in Commerce, GA

There are limitless reasons why you should update your commercial insurance. Remember your insurer relies on you to update any changes to avoid your policy being rendered inadequate or void at the time of claim. For your commercial insurance policy, contact us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc for an affordable quote.

Do You Need Renters Insurance in Georgia?

Do You Need Renters Insurance in Georgia? The answer to that question is no, yet it can be a little more complicated than that. 

While renters insurance is not required by law in the state of Georgia, it is possible that your landlord will require it for you to reside in the house, mobile home, or apartment building you are renting from him or her. The agents at the Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA stress the importance of having a renters insurance policy in place whether it is required or not.

Although your landlord has a property insurance policy in place to protect the structure you live in, that policy will not cover your personal belongings and other items that you have worked hard to purchase, including your appliances, computers systems, TVs, clothing, and jewelry.

A renters insurance policy is a very affordable policy to have in place and it offers so much protection for you and your family as well as peace of mind.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

A renters insurance policy will cover your personal property if it is damaged or destroyed by a fire, a natural disaster, or an act of vandalism. Also, if your home is broken into and your personal belongings and other items you have purchased are stolen, a renters insurance policy will help you replace those items. It will also help replace or repair items that are damaged during a break-in of your home.

A renters insurance policy will also provide liability insurance that will protect you if someone is visiting your home and becomes injured due to something in the home that belongs to you. For example, if they trip over your footstool and break their leg, this part of your policy will help pay the injured person’s medical bills and time off work if necessary.

Get Your Policy Started Today

To get your renter’s insurance policy in place today and achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personal belongings are protected, you will need to contact a trusted renters insurance agent. The experienced agents at the Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA are ready to assist you. Call for an appointment today!

3 Things to Know About Umbrella Insurance and How It Protects You

Umbrella Insurance is extra reliability coverage in cases where standard insurance plans are depleted. It’s a form of personal protection beyond the existing coverage limits of other policies. If you are in Commerce, GA and liable for claims that aren’t covered by auto or homeowners insurance, Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can help.

Three Things To Know About Umbrella Insurance

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage for personal liability situations, property damage, injuries, and certain lawsuits. Depending on the policy, it covers you and your family members against lawsuits that relate to property damage like defamation and personal injuries. Umbrella insurance also covers associated legal fees over and above your liability limit.

What Is Not Covered By Umbrella Insurance Policies?

If you are under a contract and assume liability, your umbrella policy will not offer coverage. Umbrella insurance doesn’t provide coverage for injuries and damage to personal property or criminals. It also doesn’t cover contracted workers’ injuries, so they’ll need their insurance if you hire workers for a construction company.

Is It Necessary?

Umbrella insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s crucial for people who have many assets and are at risk of getting sued. Umbrella insurance is a fail-safe for assets and personal savings if you are sued for damages exceeding the liability limits of basic insurance policies. It offers additional coverage like paying for legal representation and damages when sued for damages.

How It Helps Protect You

Umbrella insurance offers coverage for expensive claims and lawsuits that involve body injuries, reputation damage, property damage, and court costs. In cases where other insurance policies have exceeded their coverage, umbrella insurance helps cover the liability claims.

Umbrella insurance is excess liability insurance and helps you avoid financial ruin if you are sued and liable for personal injuries or property damage. If you want to protect your assets and savings, contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. to get an umbrella insurance policy in Commerce, GA.

Is Commercial Insurance Really Worth it?

Commerce, GA businesses have to contend with numerous imminent risks. Ranging from vandalism, fire to theft, businesses are susceptible to threats. Operating a thriving business in Commerce GA always emanates with unique risks. A client might file a suit, an imminent calamity can ruin things, or someone could get injured while on your business premises. However, formidable commercial insurance from Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. will safeguard your business against perils lurking in your industry.

Is commercial insurance a worthwhile investment?

Protecting your investment is a vital constituent in ensuring that you have a thriving business. Commercial insurance is a risk management tool responsible for transferring the risks of a given loss to an insurance company. Commercial insurance can help a small business be successful by mitigating the uncertainties under which it operates. Considering getting commercial insurance is beneficial in the following ways.

It’s a legal requirement.

Georgia law requires any business that employs more than three people, either part-time or regularly, to carry workers’ comp insurance. This coverage caters to work-related injuries and sickness of the employees. Additionally, all business-owned vehicles in Georgia should possess commercial auto insurance covering bodily injury and property damage.

Protection of employees

The most valuable assets your business venture has are the employees, not the products you offer. This coverage can help reimburse costs for your worker’s medical attention if they experience a work-related injury or ailment. It also covers their lost wages and extends the deceased worker’s family with financial benefits.

Protection of assets 

Damage to the business property can culminate into disastrous effects on your business’s proper functioning and can result in a shutdown. It’s vital to safeguard your business against incertitudes such as vandalism, storm, and fire. Property insurance protects your inventory and office content no matter what happens.

Liability protection

 General liability coverage covers various incidences, including a client’s injuries while on your business premises. It encompasses slander and copyright infringement lawsuits, and other potentially hazardous issues.

Feel free to contact us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA; we can assist you in landing formidable commercial insurance for your business venture with the flexibility and reliable adjustment of your policy as your business evolves.

Benefits of Renters Insurance for College Students

Most college students do not give renters insurance much thought till disaster strikes. However, renters insurance is more of a benefit to you than an expense. Since life is unpredictable, it would benefit college students in Commerce, GA, to have renters insurance. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you understand the different types of renter coverage and their benefits.

Property Coverage

It helps cover all your items from computers, clothes, jewelry, books, furniture, and anything else you own. Losing any of these items can be devastating and set you back. However, with renters insurance, you are covered in case of a loss caused by a fire or water damage, or theft. Check your policy and see what is covered just to be prepared.

Liability Protection

If someone visits you and gets hurt, liability protection helps cover their medical bills. Also, if you accidentally damage the building, it will cover the repairs. In such circumstances, if you are forced to pay out-of-pocket, you may find it challenging, but with renters insurance covering such costs, you can relax a little.

Living Expense Coverage

You may be forced to move out because the apartment is undergoing repairs from a fire or water damage. This coverage helps pay for the expenses incurred on where you will have to stay temporarily. The expenses include the cost of a hotel and meals.

What is Not Covered

Renters insurance does not cover everything. For instance, if you are staying with roommates, they will need their own policies. Also, if you have a car, it is not covered under renters insurance. You will need separate auto insurance to cover damage to the vehicle.

With most college students trying to balance between school, jobs, and social lives, the last thing they should worry about is losing valuable belongings. If you are a college student residing in Commerce, GA, contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. and enjoy the benefits that come with renters insurance.

What is Excluded from an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella insurance, which is often called excess liability insurance, is an optional, prudent financial & insurance decision for those living and/or working in and around Commerce, GA. And while its name – umbrella insurance, may seem to imply it covers an insured individual from every storm, the reality is that there are specific exclusions to this type of insurance, according to Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc.

An umbrella policy typically begins at $1,000,000 in liability protection and often has lower premiums when compared to other types of liability insurance.

Umbrella insurance performs as a supplemental liability insurance policy (as it extends standard policy limits) to other primary insurance liability policies and cannot be purchased as a standalone policy. It extends coverage for these types of policies for those living and working in the Commerce, GA area –

  • An automobile policy.
  • A home policy as a homeowner.
  • A home policy as a renter, among others.

An umbrella policy relates to liability. For example, if a visitor becomes injured on your property, the injured party may sue you if they believe you were at fault. If found to be at fault, the insurance would pay costs associated with medical bills or other expenses resulting from the event.

But what is excluded from the coverage offered by an umbrella policy?

An umbrella insurance policy does not cover the perils typically included in a standard policy as it only applies to liability issues. An umbrella insurance policy will not include coverage for –

  • One’s injuries.
  • Criminal & intentional actions.
  • Damage to the insured personal belongings.
  • Property damage/injuries under certain circumstances – uncovered RVs or dog breeds not covered.
  • Business-related damage or issues.
  • Exclusions listed in an affiliated policy.

Umbrella insurance is a bit of a unique insurance product that is often found to be quite beneficial to business owners, renters, and homeowners. For additional information, please contact the insurance professionals at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc.