When Does Renters Insurance Cover Additional Living Expenses?

What happens if your rental home suffers storm or fire damage and you can no longer stay there? If you have renters insurance, it may cover your additional living expenses while your home is uninhabitable. That may include your hotel stay, damage to personal belongings, litigation costs, and other costs specified in your policy. Talk to an agent at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA, about how to secure coverage for excess living costs you incur when displaced from your rental. Some policies also help you pay for storage, pet boarding, food, and laundry.

When Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Hotel Stays?

Covered perils are listed on your policy. They typically include natural and other disasters beyond your control. As part of your housing coverage, you may be eligible to stay in a hotel until your apartment or rental home is habitable. This falls under your loss of use coverage. A maximum amount is allowed per claim, so review your needs with your insurance agent. 

Typical Perils Covered Under Rental Insurance

Most policies list fire and smoke damage. However, you may wonder what else is covered by renters insurance. Flooding from burst pipes, water heater leaks, and sewage backups may make your home unsafe. If you have the right coverage, you can find accommodations elsewhere and receive reimbursement once the insurer approves your claim. Hail, ice, snow, windstorms, mold, and freezing weather can also make it impossible to stay in your rental. Talk to your agent about an inclusive policy covering all potential contingencies.

What’s Not Covered by Renters Insurance?

Your insurer can deny coverage for uncovered perils and fraudulent claims. Most insurers won’t reimburse you for temporary inconveniences, such as a power outage. If your hotel stay costs exceed your policy limits, you will not receive full compensation for your stay. 

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