Georgia Auto Insurance Laws

Regarding auto insurance in Georgia, you want to ensure you’re on the right side of the law. It is against the law in the state of Georgia to operate an auto without continuous liability coverage. Operating an unregistered vehicle, including those with a suspended, revoked, or canceled registration, is also a criminal offense. 

With these helpful reminders, understand how to obtain and maintain your auto. 

  1. Make sure your vehicle is registered. Register any existing or newly purchased auto according to state guidelines. Don’t try to go around insurance laws by skipping this step, as operating an unregistered vehicle is also against the abovementioned law. 
  2. Pay any existing insurance penalties. When it’s possible, start your coverage with a clean slate. Pay any current penalties at Georgia’s online payment portal.
  3. Check the dates when switching insurance coverage. If you need to switch insurance coverage on a vehicle or change insurance providers — make sure you check the dates. If possible, have your new coverage start on the day your old coverage ends to avoid a lapse.
  4. Verify that lapsed insurance does not continue for ten days. If it isn’t possible to get continuous coverage, keep an insurance lapse under ten days between policies. Time your coverage switch to best match pay dates, so you fall within the Georgia insurance grace period. And a reminder, don’t drive your auto while your insurance has lapsed.

Ensuring you have the right insurance on your Georgia auto protects you from accidents and accidental penalties. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can help provide expert knowledge on Georgia auto insurance laws, and the coverage you need for your vehicles.