If I have homeowners insurance, does it cover everyone who lives on the property?

In general, homeowners insurance covers your Commerce, GA house, its contents, and the property, including other structures not attached to the house. However, there are some limitations, and homeowners need to understand what their policies cover. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand your policy’s limits to ensure you have the coverage you need.

An Insurance Policy Is a Contract

If you ever have any questions about coverage, you should be able to answer them by reading through your policy. We can also review your policy and explain any technical language.

Because an insurance policy is a contract, you can rely on it to know what is covered and under what circumstances. This includes which people are covered.

Who Is Covered Under Your Homeowners Policy?

Most homeowners policies will provide coverage for you, your partner, and your minor children. However, other household members, even relatives, such as adult children, may be limited. It would be best to list everyone you need coverage for when you initially sign up for insurance. Speak with your agent about anyone living in the home and storing possessions there.

If you rent part of the home to another individual, you should have a contract regarding your lease. Someone renting will need their renter’s insurance policy to cover their belongings.

Call Today If You Have Any Questions 

Make sure that your Commerce, GA home has the coverage you need. If you have any questions or would like to discuss additional protection for your family’s home, please call Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. today.