What Kind of Perils Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

Homeowners’ insurance will not cover every possible contingency, as there is usually a list of covered perils and those which are not included. It’s essential to purchase additional indemnifications or endorsements if you live in a region in Commerce, GA that is at high risk for specific hazards. Your Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. representative can advise you in this area. 


Earthquakes fall under a category known as "movement of the earth," which falls outside the scope of your primary insurance. Aftershocks and tremors that occur before the larger quake can weaken the structural integrity of your home and destroy your possessions inside your domicile. 


Floods are defined as water that has touched the ground before entering your abode, and this will typically come from heavy rain, overflowing gulleys or creeks, rivers, and wet weather streams. These can sometimes also cause events that segue into the movement of the earth category, such as mudslides and sinkholes. 


Several pests can wreak havoc on your home, including insects and animals. Your coverage will not pay for the removal of these, as this falls under the responsibility of the homeowner as general maintenance to prevent wear and tear. 


Rotting wood is typically caused by water damage that insurance companies determine to be gradual. The policyholder must make these repairs, as it will generally necessitate addressing underlying issues with the home to prevent future occurrences. 

Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. Wants to Help

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Don’t Leave Your Most Valuable Asset Unprotected – Purchase Home Insurance

Are you thinking about purchasing a home? Did you know that all lenders would require you to purchase homeowners’ insurance to protect their interests? The Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc., serving in and around the Commerce, GA area, can get you started with a homeowner’s policy.

Here are the benefits a homeowners’ insurance policy will provide:

  • The reason for homeowners’ insurance is to protect your home. Imagine facing a total loss due to a fire or extensive and costly damage due to a weather event. Ideally, your home should be insured for 100% of its value, but 80% to 90% is standard. Most insurance policies will provide both major and minor damage and total replacement costs.
  • Your detached structures will be covered, such as a garage, storage shed, fences, and even the doghouse. Detached structures are covered up to a certain percentage of the coverage limit but can be customized if you want additional coverage for detached structures.
  • Before purchasing insurance, take an inventory of everything inside the home – the appliances, furniture, electronics, clothing, or anything you own the policy would cover that. If an event such as a storm destroys or damages this property, you can be reimbursed in whole or in part.
  • Liability coverage is a very crucial part of a homeowners’ insurance policy. If someone should be injured on your property, or if your dog decides to bite and a lawsuit results, you could be faced with thousands of dollars or more in medical bills or possibly a lawsuit.
  • If you cannot live in your home while it is being rebuilt or repaired following a covered event, hotel, food, and travel expenses will be provided. The loss of use benefit provides this for you.

The Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can provide a quote or answer any questions you may have about this vital coverage. Contact our office today.

Top 3 Laundry Room Hazards and How To Avoid Them

Most people don’t think much about the laundry room until something goes wrong. But some dangers in the laundry room could make you sick or even cause injury. Here are some of the things Commerce, GA residents need to be aware of in the laundry room, brought to you by Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc.

1. Lint build-up is a fire hazard.

When you don’t clean out your dryer’s lint trap, lint builds up and can cause a fire. This is because lint is made of tiny fibers that can catch fire easily. Lint can disrupt the airflow in your dryer and cause the dryer to overheat. This, in turn, captures the lint on fire.

To avoid lint build-up, clean the lint trap every time you use your dryer. It’s also good to clean out the lint that accumulates in the dryer vent and filter chamber at least every six months. Check your grocery or home goods store for specialized dryer lint brushes that can reach deep in the dryer.

2. Unattended chemicals are a poison risk.

Homeowners should keep laundry room chemicals out of the reach of children. Be sure to seal all containers tightly. Limit access to the laundry room to only those who need to use it.

If you store chemicals in unlabeled containers, be sure to label them by hand with the product’s name. Never store dangerous chemicals in a container used to hold drinks or food. Others may assume it’s safe to consume, especially young kids.

3. Machines need regular maintenance.

An annual inspection of your washer and dryer keeps them working at their best. Never ignore a machine that isn’t working correctly. A small problem can quickly become a big one. Broken appliances can cause damage to your home and pose a fire hazard.

Accidents can happen even when you do your best to be safe in the laundry room. Contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. of Commerce, GA to ensure you have the right coverage for your home.

Do I Need Home Insurance in Georgia?

While protecting your home with insurance is not required in Georgia, we highly recommend a quality, reliable insurance policy that will keep you, your family, and your belongings safe in any event. The team at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. strongly encourages all homeowners to take a look at their home insurance coverage and adjust as necessary. 

Owning a home in Commerce, GA is a great accomplishment. There are so many reasons to settle down in Georgia and homeownership is definitely one of them. Georgia truly has it all and we are lucky to live here! 

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or this is the last home you plan on purchasing, insuring both the structure itself, your personal belongings inside the home, and the structural properties (like a pool, detached garage, etc.) is not only a smart financial move but also the greatest common sense decision you’ll make. 

You saved money for years to be able to afford your dream home — why wouldn’t you protect the most valuable financial asset in your life? 

When life throws a scenario your way, the best thing you can do is be prepared. We can’t predict what’s going to happen; all we can do is have the right plans in place and hope for the best. Home insurance can cover you in the event of natural disasters, dangerous weather, theft, fire, and more. 

Whatever box you check, making sure your home is properly insured starts with the expertise of an experienced agent like the team members at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. We’re helping Commerce, GA residents daily to ensure their homes are protected. Let us help you!

Is home insurance in Commerce a good investment?

Those that are in the Commerce, GA area should consider purchasing a home as ownership provides many long-term benefits. As you are looking to buy a home in this area, getting the right coverage is important. A home insurance plan in this area of Georgia can be a great investment for a few reasons.

Protection for your Assets

A reason that many in this area of the state will need to have insurance is that it can provide protection for their assets. Your home is a very important asset that you will want to enjoy for a long time. With the right insurance, you will know you are covered if there is a fire or other situation that causes serious damage. The same insurance plan can also offer you coverage for your personal assets, up to the limits set in the policy. 

Liability Support

Property owners are also going to have some liability risk that they should try to mitigate. If you have a guest over that is hurt, you could be held responsible and liable for any damages that they incur. While this can be a concern, you can offset it by getting the right insurance. With a home insurance plan, you are going to receive some liability insurance that will prove to be quite helpful in some situations. 

Owning a property in or around Commerce, GA can be a great housing option. Those that do purchase a home should ensure they have the right insurance. To do this, speaking with Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can be a great idea. The insurance professionals with Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. understand the value that comes with this insurance, and they can help you build a plan that will offer the right coverage for both you and your property. 

Things that home insurance won’t cover

If you have a mortgage on your home, home insurance will be a requirement. It offers a lot of protection. It covers the physical building itself from many types of peril. It protects your contents and your assets. You might think home insurance protects you from every possible thing that can go wrong but that isn’t the reality. Every home insurance policy has exclusions. Forewarned is forearmed. If you know what isn’t covered, you can make other arrangements to protect yourself. At Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA, we have been in business for almost 60 years. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with all of our customers. 

Owner negligence

Insurance companies expect homeowners to maintain their homes. That seems like a pretty simple thing but it encompasses things you may not think of. If your roof needs to be replaced and you put off doing it, your insurance company isn’t going to pay for damage to your interior. If you have termites, you will have to pay for the damage since treatments to avoid infestations are available. 


Floods are one of the most prevalent natural disasters. They cause an immense amount of damage every year. They are also not covered by home insurance. If the flood origin is inside your home, that is another story but groundwater, no. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you can purchase flood insurance through NFIP, the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Earth movement

The term earth movement encompasses several types of earth movement, earthquake, mudslides, and sinkholes. All of these can cause unthinkable damage to your home. You can purchase insurance separately from your home policy to cover these disasters. 

If you live in or near Commerce, GA, contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. for any insurance needs you may have. 

Choosing the Right Home Insurance: What to Ask Your Agent

When you buy a new home that needs insurance, or you want to adjust the insurance policy on your current one, you may have some questions about what options are right for your needs. With a quality home insurance policy, you can get the protection you’re looking for and have plenty of peace of mind, as well. You don’t have to decide on that policy alone. At Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. you can get the help and support you need from knowledgeable agents who understand coverage requirements in the Commerce, GA area.

Asking your agent plenty of questions matters. For example, you want to know whether the policy you have — or the one you’re considering — is the right one for you. Too little coverage isn’t a good idea, but you can also have too much coverage. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to ask whether there are riders or additions to your policy that will be a good idea, so you can include coverage for larger items, antiques, or other options that may not be typical in the majority of policies. When in doubt, ask your agent.

Don’t settle for less than quality and value with your home insurance coverage. If you’re in the Commerce, GA area, reach out to us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. today and let us help you get your questions answered. That way you can find the right policy, and feel comfortable with the protection you and your home will have for the future. By working with a trusted and professional agent, and by asking plenty of questions about the policy options you’re considering, you can get an insurance policy that’s perfect for your home and your specific needs and lifestyle, as well.

How to protect your home against burglary

No feeling can be quite as sickening as coming home to find that a break-in has happened and that your valuables have been stolen. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc serving Commerce, GA would like to explain how you can help secure your home against burglary.

Make sure that your windows and doors have effective locks. Also, make sure that your windows are covered with curtains and blinds.

Prune back trees and shrubbery that may provide breaking and entering artist cover as he goes to work trying to gain entrance to your residence. Make sure that your yard is clear of children’s toys and other debris. Store your automobile in the garage.

Make certain that the exterior of your home is well lit. While most burglars work during the day when most people are at work or at school, some will try to gain entrance under cover of darkness.

Invest in a good burglary alarm system. If a burglar is aware that a home is protected, he is more likely to hit a nearby residence that is not.

Make sure that portable valuables such as jewelry are out of sight, preferably in a locked safe.

When your family goes on vacation make sure that your mail and newspaper are held. Nothing says that a home is a prime target for burglary than accumulated mail.

When you are out of the house, consider leaving the television and/or radio on to give the illusion that someone is at home. Invest in motion-sensor-activated lights or program your Alexa device to control your home lighting while you are away if your home is Bluetooth enabled.

Get to know your neighbors. If a neighborhood watch has not already been set up, consider doing so.

For more answers about home insurance feel free to contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc serving Commerce, GA.

Home Insurance in Georgia

Although home insurance is not mandatory by law in the state of Georgia, several situations do make it necessary to have one. For example, mortgage lenders will require you to have the mortgaged house insured. Home insurance does not just cover your house but it can also cover any lawsuits related to the house such as a house guest’s medical expenses in case of an accident.

There are several factors that are considered when choosing a home insurance policy. The location of the home is extremely important as certain regions are more prone to harsher climate or flood. The age of the house is also important as older houses are more susceptible to damages especially structural and plumbing issues. The roof and the basement of a house are often the most easily damaged part of the house therefore the age of the roof and the basement is going to be very important factors. The proximity to the coast is another consideration. You must also carefully consider if you need flood or earthquake insurance to provide additional coverage on top of home insurance.

A local licenses insurance agent can guide you through all the complexities of home insurance and if you need any additional type of insurance. They will also educate you on the rules and regulations of the state of Georgia. They can also handle all the paperwork for you. The greatest benefit of going through an insurance agency is the peace of mind you will get by knowing that you took an informed decision. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. serving Commerce, GA is one such agency. The best way to get in touch with Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. serving Commerce, GA is to give them a call. The phone number is available on their website. Get in touch now.

Home Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents Over the Holidays

Holiday celebrations are the highlight of the season. At the same time, a house full of guests increases the risk of holiday accidents. The following safety tips from Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA can help prevent accidents so you can enjoy the season to the full.

Safety in the Kitchen

Too many cooks in a small environment could be a distraction, leading to accidental cuts, burns or even a kitchen fire. It’s best to have fewer people in charge of meals to reduce the risk of accidents. Don’t leave the stove unattended when cooking and keep young children out of the kitchen during meal prep.

Fire Prevention

The kitchen is not the only place that poses a risk of fire. Frayed or overloaded light strands could cause sparks to catch your tree and surrounding presents on fire. Before putting up Christmas lights, make sure all strands are in good condition.

If you’re using real candles in your celebrations, keep them well out of the reach of children and clear of curtains, carpets or other items that can catch on fire.

If you have an artificial tree, make sure it’s fire-resistant. Keep your natural tree watered at all times to keep it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard.

Make sure your smoke alarm has fresh batteries and that there’s a working fire extinguisher within easy reach in the event of fire.

Precautions Against Slip and Falls

Declutter entryway and living spaces to provide ample space for people to move about freely. Remove throw rugs as they can cause elderly guests to trip or slip and fall. Keep living spaces well-lit to avoid accidents.

Make sure your home insurance is up to date to protect you against the risk of holiday accidents. If you have questions concerning your coverage, call or visit us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA.