Do I need umbrella insurance with no employees at my business?

If you’re a business owner without assets you want to protect, umbrella insurance may be a good investment. Many business owners would be unprepared to replace, repair, or pay for some business loss out of pocket. As a result, umbrella insurance can be the backup that many business owners benefit from. Our Commerce, GA team at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. takes pride in helping Georgia business owners get the necessary coverage. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is simply a backup or secondary insurance policy. Business owners need to have a primary insurance policy before an umbrella insurance policy can be purchased. Umbrella insurance is designed to provide coverage for anything that extends beyond the limits of the primary insurance policy. However, if your primary insurance policy does not cover something, umbrella insurance will likely cover it too. 

I’m a Small business Owner with no Employees. Do I need Umbrella Insurance?

Suppose you have significant assets that you’re interested in protecting and feel that the limits of your primary insurance could be exceeded or maxed out. In that case, umbrella insurance may be a good investment, even for a small business. Umbrella insurance will provide coverage if any incident exceeds the limits of your primary insurance policy. However, umbrella insurance isn’t a required form of coverage. It’s optional. Business owners with considerable assets and concerns may benefit from an umbrella insurance policy. Call us if you’re a business owner with questions about umbrella insurance. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits and coverage with you. 

Does my business need boiler insurance?

When you visit Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. for commercial insurance for your Commerce, GA business, you might think it will be like purchasing a home policy. It isn’t. Commercial insurance offers more than 25 types of coverage, many specific to a business. Boiler insurance falls into the category of commercial insurance.

Boiler Insurance Defined

The term boiler insurance describes one of the most common types of commercial business. Any business that owns its office building or storefront needs it. It doesn’t just cover actual boilers. It covers any furnace or HVAC type and other equipment related to building operations.

Larger buildings and industrial complexes use a physical plant to manage electrical, gas, and telecommunications lines. Boiler insurance covers all of their equipment.

Why Does a Business Need Boiler Insurance?

With complex areas of insurance, such as commercial insurance, the insurance industry divides coverage into smaller policies so businesses can quickly and affordably choose only the coverage they need. For example, you’d need to own the building to need a boiler policy, so the many businesses that lease space or work from an office in their home don’t need this policy. Conversely, a doctor’s office would need malpractice insurance, another type of commercial coverage that no manufacturing plant would need.

If you own a building that others lease space in, you’d need boiler insurance, even if the building did not use a boiler. Your building might use a 21-st century heat pump and the latest HVAC technology, but you’d still purchase a boiler insurance policy to cover those items.

Contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. for more information on covering your Commerce, GA business with boiler insurance. Let us help you protect your Georgia business.

Don’t Leave Your Most Valuable Asset Unprotected – Purchase Home Insurance

Are you thinking about purchasing a home? Did you know that all lenders would require you to purchase homeowners’ insurance to protect their interests? The Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc., serving in and around the Commerce, GA area, can get you started with a homeowner’s policy.

Here are the benefits a homeowners’ insurance policy will provide:

  • The reason for homeowners’ insurance is to protect your home. Imagine facing a total loss due to a fire or extensive and costly damage due to a weather event. Ideally, your home should be insured for 100% of its value, but 80% to 90% is standard. Most insurance policies will provide both major and minor damage and total replacement costs.
  • Your detached structures will be covered, such as a garage, storage shed, fences, and even the doghouse. Detached structures are covered up to a certain percentage of the coverage limit but can be customized if you want additional coverage for detached structures.
  • Before purchasing insurance, take an inventory of everything inside the home – the appliances, furniture, electronics, clothing, or anything you own the policy would cover that. If an event such as a storm destroys or damages this property, you can be reimbursed in whole or in part.
  • Liability coverage is a very crucial part of a homeowners’ insurance policy. If someone should be injured on your property, or if your dog decides to bite and a lawsuit results, you could be faced with thousands of dollars or more in medical bills or possibly a lawsuit.
  • If you cannot live in your home while it is being rebuilt or repaired following a covered event, hotel, food, and travel expenses will be provided. The loss of use benefit provides this for you.

The Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can provide a quote or answer any questions you may have about this vital coverage. Contact our office today.

Stay Protected With Renters’ Insurance

If you rent your home, there are many things you are responsible for, such as your liability and possessions. Most landlords today require that you keep renters’ insurance for as long as the lease lasts. If you don’t have a policy yet or want to switch policies, call us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc in Commerce, GA.

Get Protection for Your Belongings

One of the most important protections renters’ insurance provides is coverage for all your home’s possessions. Most of your possessions are likely inside your rental, and you need to protect them from a wide range of risks.

Your renters’ insurance can protect you against many different risks, such as natural disasters and accidents that can ruin what you own. You should never be without this insurance for that reason. Renters’ insurance is inexpensive, and the value it offers is something that every renter needs to keep in place. 

Liability Protection

Another type of protection that you get with this policy is protection in case of liability. When someone is in your home and gets injured there, you, as the renter, are likely to be held liable for all of their expenses. This can be everything from legal costs, to lost wages, and massive medical bills. To protect against this liability, renters’ insurance covers you. The policy can pay for all the expenses incurred because of the accident, saving you a lot of money. 

Get Your Renters’ Insurance

If you are signing a lease for a rental, you need to call us at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA. Our team can work with you to build a reliable renter’s insurance policy.

Why businesses operating in litigious industries can’t go without umbrella protection

Georgia area business owners can rely on the team at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA. We are proud to serve the business community and provide protection from liability and other commercial concerns. Call us to discuss umbrella insurance policy options if it’s time to increase your liability coverage. 

Protect your company with an umbrella policy

We indeed live in a litigious business environment, and companies operating in specific industries can be at even greater risk. Business owners should review their commercial insurance policies regularly and carefully. Once a primary policy’s liability protection is exhausted, financial liability can fall to the firm’s owners. 

With the right umbrella policy, a company will enjoy greater liability protection. There is no reason for one frivolous lawsuit to wipe out the hard work and dedication to creating a successful business. Now is an ideal time to meet with a local commercial insurance agent and learn about umbrella policy options.

An umbrella policy effectively protects a company’s assets from lawsuits and other liability issues. If you are ready to add this policy to your company’s overall insurance portfolio, we can help you determine which is correct.

We are here to help with all of your liability insurance needs

Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. is here for the Commerce, GA area business community. If you aren’t sure if you have the liability protection your company needs, an umbrella policy may be the solution. Let’s set up a time to talk and review the available options. Call today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to working with you!

Georgia Auto Insurance Laws

Regarding auto insurance in Georgia, you want to ensure you’re on the right side of the law. It is against the law in the state of Georgia to operate an auto without continuous liability coverage. Operating an unregistered vehicle, including those with a suspended, revoked, or canceled registration, is also a criminal offense. 

With these helpful reminders, understand how to obtain and maintain your auto. 

  1. Make sure your vehicle is registered. Register any existing or newly purchased auto according to state guidelines. Don’t try to go around insurance laws by skipping this step, as operating an unregistered vehicle is also against the abovementioned law. 
  2. Pay any existing insurance penalties. When it’s possible, start your coverage with a clean slate. Pay any current penalties at Georgia’s online payment portal.
  3. Check the dates when switching insurance coverage. If you need to switch insurance coverage on a vehicle or change insurance providers — make sure you check the dates. If possible, have your new coverage start on the day your old coverage ends to avoid a lapse.
  4. Verify that lapsed insurance does not continue for ten days. If it isn’t possible to get continuous coverage, keep an insurance lapse under ten days between policies. Time your coverage switch to best match pay dates, so you fall within the Georgia insurance grace period. And a reminder, don’t drive your auto while your insurance has lapsed.

Ensuring you have the right insurance on your Georgia auto protects you from accidents and accidental penalties. Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. can help provide expert knowledge on Georgia auto insurance laws, and the coverage you need for your vehicles. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Business?

After doing all the work it takes to start and open a business, you will want to protect your livelihood and your investment in your industry. One of the best ways to do that is through a commercial insurance policy. The Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. agents in Commerce, GA want you to understand what commercial insurance covers.

First, under Georgia law, all businesses that employ three or more part-time or full-time employees must have worker’s compensation insurance or at least be a qualified self-insurer. The law also requires all vehicles that are used or owned by a business to have a minimum amount of commercial auto insurance in place in the event an accident occurs.

Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

This type of insurance coverage will help you protect your business if someone is injured at your business or due to an incident that occurs because of your business. This type of coverage will also assist you in paying for any property damage that occurs because of your business. It can also cover things like slander, libel, and copyright infringement. It can be very useful if someone also files a lawsuit against your company.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is very important to have in place, especially if you own the building in which your business is located. It will help you replace lost or stolen inventory due to a burglary, and it can help you if your business is destroyed or damaged due to a natural disaster, an act of vandalism, or even a fire.

Get Your Policy Started

An inexperienced commercial insurance agent can assist you with all of your commercial insurance needs and create a policy that works for you and your business. To start your commercial insurance policy, contact the trusted insurance agents at the Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA today!

Top 3 Laundry Room Hazards and How To Avoid Them

Most people don’t think much about the laundry room until something goes wrong. But some dangers in the laundry room could make you sick or even cause injury. Here are some of the things Commerce, GA residents need to be aware of in the laundry room, brought to you by Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc.

1. Lint build-up is a fire hazard.

When you don’t clean out your dryer’s lint trap, lint builds up and can cause a fire. This is because lint is made of tiny fibers that can catch fire easily. Lint can disrupt the airflow in your dryer and cause the dryer to overheat. This, in turn, captures the lint on fire.

To avoid lint build-up, clean the lint trap every time you use your dryer. It’s also good to clean out the lint that accumulates in the dryer vent and filter chamber at least every six months. Check your grocery or home goods store for specialized dryer lint brushes that can reach deep in the dryer.

2. Unattended chemicals are a poison risk.

Homeowners should keep laundry room chemicals out of the reach of children. Be sure to seal all containers tightly. Limit access to the laundry room to only those who need to use it.

If you store chemicals in unlabeled containers, be sure to label them by hand with the product’s name. Never store dangerous chemicals in a container used to hold drinks or food. Others may assume it’s safe to consume, especially young kids.

3. Machines need regular maintenance.

An annual inspection of your washer and dryer keeps them working at their best. Never ignore a machine that isn’t working correctly. A small problem can quickly become a big one. Broken appliances can cause damage to your home and pose a fire hazard.

Accidents can happen even when you do your best to be safe in the laundry room. Contact Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. of Commerce, GA to ensure you have the right coverage for your home.

Why umbrella insurance is so important for small businesses

Commerce, GA area small business owners rely on Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. for their commercial insurance needs. If you are in our area and are looking for some help with your commercial insurance, give us a call today. Understanding the benefits of a robust commercial insurance portfolio can help protect your company now and in the future.

The importance of umbrella insurance when it comes to small businesses

Many small businesses are structured so that the owners can be held liable for losses and suits against the company. While this isn’t always the case, it is frequent enough that small business owners need a greater layer of protection around themselves and their assets.

If you are the owner of a small business, now is a great time to look at umbrella insurance. This type of policy can help if your primary policy meets or exceeds its payout limits. You can either have an umbrella policy to absorb the loss or face personal liability when this occurs.

No one wants to be personally at risk when it comes to the dealings of their companies. And fortunately, this can be easily avoided by having an umbrella policy in place to fill any gaps that can occur. If you want to ensure that you have the protection you need, it’s time to consider umbrella insurance.

Schedule your commercial insurance consultation today

Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. is here for the Commerce, GA business community. If you have questions about umbrella insurance and how it can protect your business, call us today. We look forward to working with you to find the right insurance solutions for your company.

Umbrella policy options for Georgia business owners

Commerce, GA area business owners and operators rely on the Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. team for their insurance needs. If you are considering adding an umbrella policy to your commercial insurance portfolio, give us a call today. We are here to help our business community!

Benefits of umbrella insurance

Several great benefits come with having an umbrella policy in place to protect your business. The main ones are, of course, liability protection and keeping your business in a place where it can recover from a significant, negative incident. We hear too many stories about great, successful businesses ceasing operations because of losses due to events out of their control.

These stories become even more heartbreaking when we learn that the closures could have been avoided with the right insurance. Fortunately, getting the right insurance in place can be done efficiently, protecting your business from future losses.

Umbrella policies are a great supplement to your primary policies. They come into play if your primary protection is ever depleted. Because commercial policies can be exhausted, it is crucial to have additional coverage above and beyond them that will fill in.

If you want to make sure that your company can successfully navigate the future, it’s time to take a look at umbrella insurance no matter what may happen. 

Are you looking for umbrella insurance? We can help!

Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. is here to provide the Commerce, GA community with its business insurance needs. If it’s time for you to add an umbrella policy to your current coverage, call us today. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and ensure that your company has the protection it needs!