How renters insurance can help secure your financial future

As a renter, you may think you don’t need to think about your financial future, but even though you may not have a home, you likely have assets you would rather not lose. Our team can offer more choices and personalized service at Hyman Brown Insurance Agency Inc. in Commerce, GA. 

Rental insurance provides a lot of protection for you and your possessions. It also protects you from lawsuits against you and helps provide the funds you need to pay for a place to stay if your rental is damaged.

Content insurance 

A lot of what you own may be inside your rental unit. Most people are quite unaware of how much they own until they have to replace it all. Imagine replacing everything in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and more. Think about your decor; it could be quite overwhelming. Renters’ content insurance will help you to replace your property. It will also cover your personal content if you are traveling with it. 

Liability insurance

Your assets and future earnings could be at risk if you don’t have this coverage. If you are sued and lose, a judgment against you could impact any assets you have. If you cannot pay it, it is possible your wages could be attached, which would impact your finances today and into the future. 

Loss of use

Where would you go while your rental is repaired if it is damaged? If you have renters insurance, it will cover the cost of your hotel or a temporary rental until our rental is habitable again. 

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